Business Process Services – TCS

Business Process Services – TCS

  • Latest Pattern with Fresh Content
  • All Sessions Will be LIVE
  • 50+ Live Class
  • 10+ Mock Test
  • Recording will be available
  • You can access on web & mobile app
  • Nuamaical ability
  • Reasonability ability
  • Verbal ability

Terms & Condition

1. After depositing money towards registration / classes, if a student becomes disinterested in the institute, or is not paying full fees within agreed time (as filled in form below) or wants to take his/her money back for whatsoever reasons, the institute will not be able to refund adjust the money in any situation at all
2. In case if any parent/guardian misbehaves with any staff member of the institute, his/her ward can be restricted from the institute and no claim of refund of such student will be entertained. The decision of the Center Manager will be final and binding on the student and parent/guardian,
3. Student should immediately complaint about any irregularity of faculty / classes / course contents, so that the same can be corrected immediately. Also, can send mail at
4. ConceptLive has not given me any guarantee towards placement / job and student have paid for training purpose only.
5. ConceptLive reserves its right to make any alterations in its programs / fees / location / timing / trainer without any prior notice to anybody. In case of faculty issues, there may be breaks / delay in some classes.
6. If any problem with faculty, must be notified in writing, within 2 days of class. After that faculty change won’t be possible. If in case faculty leaves in between, student will be provided with new faculty / location in few days & no refunds will be entertained.
7. For any university, Govt body certification / exams, ConceptLive will be fully bound by their rules and regulations and Student will need to obey these enforced decisions by them. No Pass in any type of exams in guaranteed from ConceptLive side.
8. I have not been committed or communicated about anything in specific by counsellor or any other person in ConceptLive.
9. I have read the terms & conditions and other information as mentioned in the form & promise to abide by the same.

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