Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Overview

ConceptLive offers a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence program in
association that will help you work on today cutting-edge technology Artificial
Intelligence (AI). As part of this best AI training, you will master various aspects
of artificial neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, logistic
regression with a neural network mindset, binary classification, vectorization,
Python for scripting Machine Learning applications, and much more.

Key Highlights

• 90+ Live Session
• Live Demo Session
• 10+ Live Projects
• Assessment
• No Cost EMI Option
• 24*7 Support


What will you learn in this Artificial Intelligence course?

The main goal of this course is to familiarize you with all aspects of AI so that
you can start your career as an artificial intelligence engineer. A few of the
many topics/modules that you will learn in the program are:
➢ Basics of Deep Learning techniques
➢ Understanding artificial neural networks
➢ Training a neural network using the training data
➢ Convolutional neural networks and its applications
➢ TensorFlow and Tensor processing units
➢ Supervised and unsupervised learning methods
➢ Machine Learning using Python
➢ Applications of Deep Learning in image recognition, NLP, etc.
➢ Real-world projects in recommender systems, etc.

Why should you take up this AI and Machine Learning course?

Today,Artificial Intelligence has conquered almost every industry.
Within a year or two, nearly 80% of emerging technologies will be based on AI.
Machine Learning, especially Deep Learning, which is the most important aspect of
Artificial intelligence, is used from AI-Based Assistant (Similarly Jarvis), AIpowered
recommender systems (Chatbots),
and Search engines for online movie recommendations.
Therefore, to remain relevant and gain expertise in this emerging technology, enrol in
ConceptLive’s AI Course.
This will help you build a solid AI career and get the best artificial intelligence
Engineer positions in leading organizations.

Job Roles can you apply for after the completion of your training?

After the completion of the AI course from ConceptLive• AI Expert can apply for the
following AI and related job profiles:
• AI Data Analyst
• AI Application Engineer
• AI Research Scientist
• Data Scientist
• ML Engineer
• ML Scientist
• Data Annotation Expert

Artificial Intelligence

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